[moonkiroe] new illustration (update)

Hi here is my new illustration for the Game I made.



Very nice style! I love it:cool:
EDIT: The ground is great. How did you do that? (I can guess, but if you have any tricks… :smiley: )

So this is a game backdrop, or is this an illustration for packaging? Looks very nice, I like the detail and colors.

Thank you for comments.

the ground (grass) is a shader with a grass texture, some alpha plane for the grass too. I have tried to create the grass with the particle, but it’s too long for me to render the scene, (with 100 000 particles or more).

It’s just a test for the moment. I make some graphics “research” for a futur Trailer of the game.

ps : sorry for my english

Don’t apologize, your english is fine, even better than some American dialects I deal with here :slight_smile:

Very good result, so I wish you well with the rest of your work!

Interesting style.
Maybe a little DOF would help the image. But it is very good nevertheless.
I would try that game, but the only word I can understand in the French text is “beta-test” :wink:
I hope I will be able to play it some time…

I am just in the research phase for two forest projects that I am about to undertake. Your image inspires me! Great job.

Um… He already has some DOF in that picture… :confused:

Great image! I love the setting, models, textures. Great job!

p.s. Ground looks great even without particle grass! Thing to remember (and use)

Great style and execution, the grass and leaves are the best part.

Despite this i think that the white background has an unfinnished feel to it.

Really amazing !

The tree in the foreground looks flat though, I think it’s because of an inacurate blur effect.

Animation in that style would be great.
Very nice render


Very nice. Its got a somewhat soothing feel to it, i love the water and the leaves on the tree in the forground. They have a thickness and weight to them which makes it nice on the eyes. The grass adds a nice feel to the picture to.

Keep it up:)

I really like this style, and hope that your game works out for you, I want to play it!

The grass texture is great, I’m guessing that it is a picture of real grass, but with a few particles over it?

As Emu said, I would like to see a bit of Dof, but I’m not sure whether it would help or not.

Are you rendering in Yafray or Blender internal?

Hi thank you for your comments.
It’s a blender internal rendering (a lot of lights and little of AO)

Here is a little update, with some changes

  • white background is changed
  • foreground has more details and another light
  • I have changed the water (more like water and not oil)
  • some little changes (add a flower on the grass, and so…)

And I have add a little “Dragouille” (it’s not a dragon, but a Dragouille, a creature from the game ;))



awesome. the style resembles claymation, which makes it seem very small and model-like. very cool. reminds me of certain fantasy comic books i used to read way back when.
im very curious as to how you did the grass, because that is some of the best terrain ive seen around. very convincing, at least at this scale.
good work!

Very beautiful! I like it a lot. This is one of the best images i’ve seen in this forum!

very nice work!
5 stars :spin:

Very pleasant image! Master work!
And interesting creature on the right;)
Just curious - how long did take you to create and render that scene?