Moonkiroe - Street "Xofis"

Here is a new picture (perhap’s an illustration for my game). It was just a test, at the begining, for a short “animation” I would like to create. Finally, I have worked on 2 versions: day and night, of the same scene.

The night :

The night in 1600*1200 : Clic here

The day :

Thank you :wink:

ps : Sorry for my english

Wow thats absolutely amazing man. Love the style and you are very talented at bringing it all together. Sweet texturing too. I personally like the feeling of the night picture more but they’re both really cool. Wow…

Dude! That is totally glorious! I life the attention to detail, and the apparent lack of 90 degree angles.

Awesome stuff!

Thank you very much for your comments :slight_smile:

Beautiful renders man, the nighttime one is definately my favorite though.

nice work, especially nighttime!

How long took the rendering part?


Thank you.
The rendering part took 42 minutes in 1600*1200 (Blender internal renderer).

Awesome, as your other renders !

Oh boy! Man! Stop teasing us users that can’t speak/read French. You really make one want to play our game. Absolutely beautiful! Really looking forward to see an animation (:

I’m not “teasing” you, but I just show a new picture (perhap’s for my game but I’m not sur).

About french, do you think : the website of my game ?
For the website of the game, I m’ going to translate some pages in english :wink: (but the game is still in developpement).

You really make one want to play our game.
I’m sorry, but I don’t understand.

Absolutely beautiful! Really looking forward to see an animation (:
Thank you. I hope that I could made an animtion with that background :slight_smile:

And suddenly I have brand new desktop again. Great pic, I really like the style.

Awesome picture, awesome style! :smiley:
But I do have a tiny crit on the roof tiles, the six tiles on the left building have a weird texture from the rest. And it wouldn’t be so bad if those tiles were random, but there is just six tiles with a different texture.
But the texturing/modeling on everything else is superb.
Great job. :yes:

Excellent work, they’re both very good :slight_smile:
One suggestion I have is to turn off the lamps in the day image, I think they spoil the feel of it a bit. The night image is great though :yes:

I like the look, good execution, but I don’t like that the lights are glowing during the day. That doesn’t make sense. And why are they glowing a different color?

dang thats perfect!

great work - definately 5 stars

Great work! Why is their a blue light in the day?

wow! :open_mouth: amazing

WOW That is really amazing. Excellent lighting!

WOW! (I’ll third the wow notion!) Simply stunning!

Not like you haven’t heard it yet, but very sweet. 5*