Moonlight - FPS Entry For minigame contest

Well, I finally finished my FPS, moonlight. :smiley:
It will teach you how to play in the game.

Here is the blend (requires 2.25): (1.9 MB)

And here is the exe: (2.9 MB)

Some screenshots:

C&C are extremely welcome, but keep in mind I’m done with this. :wink:

ok, really nice game dude, my only crit is … you can walk through walls, i dont know if u want that but, u can lol.

The Game has many bugs, but cool…

bugs? It only works with 2.25

i am using 2.25.
Some of your enemys walks threw the wall.
Am i suposed to be able to fly?
And it is something wrong with the mouse.
The menu looks cool, and the intro is great :slight_smile:

A lot of nice stuff in there lemmy but I did find a couple of problems. Having to aim right over head makes the camera spin quite a bit and when I pressed S at one stage I left the scene completely.

The other thing which someone pointed out to me in one of my games is, if you have a long intro it’s a good idea to have a key to press to skip it on subsequent plays.

Nice work though!


Excellent game lemmy.

There are a few bugs which affect the gameplay, but overall it’s enjoyable to play. The main ones are the camera spinning wildly when looking up or down, and collisions aren’t enabled on some walls.

The enemies are very well done, good all round modelling/texturing/animating. Some screetching sound effects would have made these quite fearsome.

I did notice one black tunnel in one of the areas that didn’t lead anywhere when you walked inside, was that meant to be like that?

The environment of the village could have used a bit more variation, since it all looks very similar.

Overall it’s a nicely put together game, though it’s more of a demo of a full game than a mini-game :slight_smile:

Okay…You aren’t supposed to be able to walk through walls, they are. I know about the camera spin bug, and the black tunnel that goes nowhere is where you come from from the last level. :slight_smile:

Oh, and thatnks for the comments and crits.

The game is really cool and awesome. Here why:

  • nice textures
  • great gameplay
  • nice level design
  • nice chars
  • very clean layout of the ammo and so on, I like the text it looks just like real games, no pixels :smiley:

things that could be fixed

  • mouse little to fast and when you look down it rotates as crazy
  • fix walk trough walls by enemy.

But all by all, excellent work, mate. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hah! Nice thread to find. I followed the link from The Click Island over to your website, through that to the blender community, and through there to this thread in this forum.

Moonlight gave me ideas, and blender I believe is the program that I can use to solifify my ideas, but I request your help as to one manner. How did you learn to code in blender? I can find 500 tutorials on modeling, 1 on 3rd person game cameras that is too advanced for me and none on ever making anything move by keyboard command. Any help?

And about Moonlight. Your movement is move forward/backward, so if you point up and move you fly. Also, I don’t know why, but if your cursor goes close to your feet or head, it spins randomly, making it hard to pick things off the ground. Also, I had to shoot all of the monsters in their crotches. There is no ammo for the gun and I ran out in the first level.

Let us skip the intro! And make us able to jump!

pretty nice game. don’t have too many comments since I haven’t really tried the game engine much.

The rapid spinning when looking up and down is a condition called gimbols (sp?) lock. I thinks its supposed to have something to do with Euler rotations but don’t quote me on that. Most games counter it by limiting rotation so that you can’t look directly upwards. Try looking up in Halo for example, the camera won’t go completely vertical. I tink you could probably write a blurb in python restricting the camera’s z rotation a bit to get rid of that.

some other bugs as reported. I fell through the floor once.

As said before, good work :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yeah, I’m aware of the gimbols rotation, and the enemy walk-through walls, but I may fix them sometime…

I’m also aware of the flying thing, and the crotch thing… :slight_smile:
I may decide to put an update sometime, but I think I’m finished with this.

Keatonian: You CAN skip the intro! :slight_smile:
just press space.

Well that’s all very interesting, especially about the gimbols thing, but what about my first set of questions? Where did you learn to make games with blender?

oh, I just experimentad around, and read some tutorials. Post a specific question about it, and people will answer. :smiley:

good game, all crits have been mentioned before.

Thanks! :smiley: