Moor Loch Panorama

A little panoramic image of Moor Loch, Devilla Forest, Fife, Scotland, UK:

230kb: >>><<<

As always, stitched using Autopano Sift, Hugin + Enblend.

Feedback Welcome.


oh man that is just awsome, I really love how you got the mist and sunrise.

Sutabi, thanks for the reply.

It was actually taken mid afternoon on a frosty winters day here in East Central Scotland, exposed so that I could get some of the colours in the sky, thus making the ground a little underexposed.

However I like how it turned out, as I think it shows a feeling of “coldness”

Glad you like it though!


I liked it so much… yeah… ^_-.

Hey, my poor picture! :wink:

wow that is a truly beautiful picture :smiley: