I am absolutely thrilled to show you the result of my work after completing the course “Human” by CG Cookie and @theLuthier
thank you for teaching me so much. I think I have greatly improved my skills. I can’t express how happy I am!!!


Holy crap, that looks stunning. I’m presently following tutorials for simple low poly scenes. One day, I’ll be ready to follow a tut like this. You did an incredible job!

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Thank you very much :relaxed:

:blush: Thank you

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Great work!!! Skin, textures, hair, beard, really good to go! The Black and White half profile looks photrealistic!!

Only critique is with the Skin SSS. A rule of thumb that was passed on to me was, "Its easy to overdo SSS. So a guage for SSS strength is turn it up UNTIL skn shadows have a slight, reddish tint. then either stay there or back off a bit.

For your profile and side shots its set too high. In general the skin looks very good. however, Light should not be able to penetrate the bridge of the nose. Ears yes, Nose No. Not certain if you can weight paint light transparency With subsurface skin shading. But likely yes.


Thank you so much for your feedback :blush:
I hope to be able to explain myself in understandable English :sweat_smile:
I have so many issues with SSS (obviously I need to improve it).
I had trouble balancing. If too little disappeared from my ears, if too much created nose problems. Maybe the model need to be better. I think the nose is too thin.

Brilliant results @Maurof98! I had to double-take on the last two because they look like photos imo :clap::clap:

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Thanks so much. I also think that the two 3/4 are the best. Probably the half-light masks a bit :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:… In the first one I wanted to do something cool, but the SSS played against me.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Wow, thank you again :star_struck:

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