Moral 3D looking for donations

OK, the moral policing here has gotten really thick lately.

I propose that the free thinking people here in the forum donate money so we can build a website for people who wish to dictate their morals on our ideas and our artwork.

If we do not make a website for them, then they will continue telling us that we are responsible for their children when they are left unattended, logged into the biggest outlet for free porn the planet has ever seen. And they will dictate what is and is not acceptable art.

maybe we can get enough to bribe this forum into making an adults only section too by hiring a temporary moderator to get it up and running… That way the selfish people will not have any reason to complain about what is and what is not posted there. And some of the talented people in the community can post the humor and artwork they have had to hide in the closet from the inquisition.

I applaud you for being mature enough to argue your position rather than throw a hissy fit on the internet, where everybody cares about your excuses for your voyeurism fetish.

Hugs and kisses, Oracle.

It is good you have come to your senses and are seeing things my way now. Thanks for the encouragement.

In other words you want to segregate anyone with morals away from this site and put in an XXX section on Blenderartists?

That idea isn’t going to fly, the mods have been clear about the ban on near X to X-rated content here and won’t be changing their minds.

Sorry, if you don’t like people with morals, then there’s some internet forums out there that would love you as a member (those sites actually do exist)

A not-so-subtle dodge. Again. Awaiting the next comment that attempts to incriminate everyone who disagrees with you, using piss-poor attacks on things that aren’t even implied, but assumed by you.

3rd offense.

On second violation, or in combination with violations of other rules, a ban, of time as deemed necessary, is to be placed on the author.

Everyone would be welcome here as always, just not everyone will be allowed there because of the rules.
That way they will have a domain where it is cool to push their values on people.
And here it will be open for people of all races and faiths to come and share their work.
I am not christian or Buddhist, but I really enjoy the artwork, as long as it is not slamming other people or other faiths. Michel Angelo is one of my favorites, even though I do not care much for the theme. It still is a marvel to look at.

^Dodge number three, not counting the other thread.

Who thinks this is “Mmph!” back from the ban? Really:

Really? That was 5 years ago. Check your join date before speaking;)

If he’s under this username (he’s really good at the BGE for example) then it’s best we pull out of debating with him, you wouldn’t want us to get trapped.

Nothing to debate really , I am just trying to help things out so no one feels left out. I dont appreciate the name calling jay, that was very uncalled for. I dont know what an mmph is, but I have a feeling it is not nice.

It was nice of you to say that stuff about our project Cyborg Dragon. Your request a long time ago is what inspired me to do a fully destructible environment in the first place.

At this point, there isn’t much to say, aside from

DON’T FEED THE TROLL. Posts end here, please?


For the sake of not bumping this steaming pile of crap that this thread has become, to VenomSeven right below me:
We know it’s satire. It’s satire being used as a lame cover up for the fact that he can’t make a point without making childish accusations like in his “mini skirt” thread.

It’s called satire folks.

Check it out, you might learn something new = )

An ignore list is a beautiful thing…

Folks, just please let this die.

I think all morally corrupt individuals should move to Canada. Then they can shoot up drugs, spread disease, fornicate, and damn their souls all they want. :spin:

Seriously, at some point you all are going to have realize that we are all of different views. Let the moderators decide what is appropriate and what is not. That is what they are hear for.

yes but who’s on first?

if everybody is doing a satire and getting angry at everybody else this is just wetodd’ed

Seriously reading these threads is like an exercise in post modern thinking

On second violation, or in combination with violations of other rules, a ban, of time as deemed necessary, is to be placed on the author.

Goodbye Oracle.

BTW RedJay what was the first offense?

To me, the original post seemed like more of a joke, and everyone took it seriously. I just don’t get that. How can you take this seriously like The_Oracle really wants this to happen?

It’s madness I say!

Some folks need to lighten up a little (not referring to you, kay_Eva). Read ropsta’s post, he gets it.

Alright, since we refuse to let this leave the top of the off topic section…

No, we all “get it”. We know it’s satire, and it isn’t funny, nor is it even mildly entertaining. In this situation, if you’re using satire, you’re using it to cover up your lack of an argument.

Common people, quit with the personal attacks and lets discuss this thing.

Can’t everyone have the right to have a place to share their work and views without being called improper or obscene?

I am willing to donate time , and a little money to kick off the site and buy the hosting. They are going to have to take it over though, I don’t want any part of it after that.