more 3D in Photoshop - Adobe Acquires Mixamo

"… Today, we’re taking another step toward unlocking the power of 3D for designers by announcing the acquisition of Mixamo, a San Francisco based company that enables designers to create and customize a broad range of high quality 3D characters and animations, which provide significant benefits for the design community:

  • Increase productivity by reusing assets that can now be easily customized in 3D
  • Gain flexibility in making changes to lighting, environment, perspective and materials
  • Generate more realistic scenes in your projects with life-like lighting, reflections and shadows
  • Produce greater output options in both still and motion
  • Create realistic packaging, product concepts and prototypes before manufacturing

Designers are currently using Photoshop CC to produce a wide variety of 3D outputs, but we will increase what you can do with Photoshop CC and 3D content while making it easier for more people to take advantage of those benefits. We plan to integrate Mixamo’s technology into Photoshop CC to empower designers to create, customize, manipulate, rig and animate 3D content, as well as to take advantage of tens of thousands of high quality, turnkey 3D models, starting with stock characters that can be easily pulled into projects … "

orginal post:

I don’t do any animation or character modeling but from time to time I throw in some 3Ds into PS files, anyway I guess we’ll have to wait until MAX to see if something useful will come of it

Wow… Photoshop with 3D animation and autorig capabilities…? Maybe now it’s time to start paying a suscription. :confused:

The autorig is… not great. It would probably be OK for painting over though. Check out the shoulders of the soldier in the video. major collar-bone issues there.