More about screen shots

Blender 2.32 official on Linux (Mandrake 9.0):

To take screen shots, Ctrl-Shift-F3 should take a screen shot of the whole Blender screen and Ctrl-F3 of the current window, but:

Shift-Ctrl-F3 does nothing
Ctrl-F3 changes to Linux desktop 3.


Hans Petter

because that is how your window manager is setup

in kde, go (iirc, in windoze now) k->kde control center
under key bindings (which iirc is under something else) there is an option to reconfigure the keys for changing desktops. my prefrence is to change all control+fkey refrences there to meta (window key, diamond key, apple key, you get the idea) + fkey. you may need to change your keyboard in another settings page to a 104 key keyboard to get this key to work right (else it will be seen as other keys)

you will have similar problems (linux specific, similar idea to fix) if you try to use the 3rd-button as alt+left click in blender. in kde by default it will move the window. (I also configure that to use the meta key instead of alt)

Thanks a lot. I just changed the desktop shortcuts for desktops 1-4 to Ctrl-F5-F8, as I only have four desktops.

Hans Petter