more accurate cutting

I want to cut the faces of my meshs so i can extrude out the section i cut.

heres what i want to do:
(click on hull platting section)

but i want to do it with blender. using the knife tool (k) doesnt give me cuts that are as accurate unless i subdivide alot. can i do this in blender?

Tidus97, I assume you are thinking of the “Cutting Plate Layers 2” at the bottom of that page. You can do that in Blender, but don’t use the Knife tool (at least, I wouldn’t).

Instead, use retopo to draw your shape on the surface of your mesh. Then extrude the shape and use a Boolean Modifier to cut it out of your mesh.

Hope I made myself clear
/ Mats

Thanks Mat, but no dice. I followed the the instructions on the wiki as closely as possible but it didnt work.

what i did was in edit view i select the faces i wanted to use retopo on. i chose retopo and clicked on the draw button which appears after you click retopo. i then used the en tool to draw whatever i wanted ontop of the selected areas. when i hit enter it doesn’t do anything, it just gets out of the retopo tool.

what i did was in edit view i select the faces i wanted to use retopo on
Retopo doesn’t work that way . You can’t retopo the object you are working on . You need create a proxy object (a plane) then delete all the vertices and then retopo from the proxy object (now without any vertices) which means you can either use the paint/draw tools or add vertices using the Ctrl+LMB method in Edit Mode . The lines/vertices you create in retopo will stick to the surface of the first object .

So what Mats was suggesting to you was to add the parts you want to bevel in a seperate mesh using retopo and then extruding etc. and then you could join them together in a single mesh with Ctrl-J …

Though a simpler method would be to just use extrude to do the cutting and extruding … If you select a face or a group of faces and hit E -> extrude by region then hit enter to stop the extrusion along the normals of the selected faces (this is best done with you facing the faces you are extruding in the 3D view if you want to not accidentally extrude away from the surface) you will have a second set of faces on top of the original set . Now if you hit S to scale you will have those complicated cuts you wanted . If you hit E again (by region) with the same faces selected you can easily bevel out those hull plating shapes you want . If you want a slight angle to the bevel just hit S again until the angle looks good to you … This is assuming that you have sufficient subdivision on the hull plate to do this of course …

We don’t have N-gons in Blender yet, but that doesn’t mean that the geometry you see (and have to deal with) in Blender isn’t there in the Max file . It’s just hidden .

Nods @ Vertex Pusher.
Just extruding is the simplest way to do it, if that is possibe. Personally I would probably create something like on that page from scratch poly by poly.

/ Mats

Polly by polly huh :stuck_out_tongue:

I will try out what Vertex said.

if i fail again i guess ill just go polly by polly.

Thanks for the help you two.