More adventures in photorealism!

I’ve been working on modeling some speakers for a future project and thought making them photorealistic would make it more presentable. here is the visaton frs8m. i only modeled the front of the speaker as that model will only be used for rendering purposes. and here it is. my goal is to make it look as close as i can to the real photo. i find my rendering very convincing, but people i’ve shown this to have told me they think the center is too reflective and gives it away, i don’t see it, what about it looks wrong? link to the reference image
let me know what you think.
thank you!


Looks great! Maybe make the center glossier

thank you! i added 1,2 and 5% more gloss in these renderings. sharing them with friends i get the same, that the center is too reflective, and even more reflective than the first one. so i also made one slightly more difuse.

the project moves forward! here is the concept, what do you think?