More architecture modeling!!

This time i went further and made a whole scenery take a look

Great looking models! Do you use dupliverts/frames or just the array modifier for the facades? Been finding out that for work like this, the array modifier makes the files super heavy. Wondering your technique. Cheers.

Basicaly it was only arrays to do the section of the big buildings plus 4 corner section for the corners, and about the facades (i presume you are talking about the most modern buinding) its a mirror modifier combined with an array… i only modeled 1 quarter of it…

when making architectural modeling in details, you are bound do make a large file :frowning:

It’s true for all models. The higher the vertice count the heavier the file. But my word, that looks amazing! You even got the sidewalks too! It reminds of my empty city that I desperately need to work on.

haha thanks!
im looking forward to see your city too!