More armature questions, this time Action Window

Ok, I have so many questions I’d like to ask, but the one I would like to have answered first is : since there is a way to copy a single pose and flip it, isn’t there a way to copy a bunch of keyframes and flip them, or do you have to go one by one and flip them? Thanks.

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Another question. I have an egg shaped eye for my character (a penguin)
I would like the pupils to follow an empty. Right now I just have the eye tracking the empty, but it looks weird when they look up and down. Is there any way to make the texture track the empty or make a pupil object that will move right along the surface of the eye ball?

1-I think the only thing you can flip for now is pose.
2-you can ask the eye texture to follow the empty by setting the map input to object and pointing it to the empty.