More bird crap.

This is the latest that I’ve been working on while the printing industry is slow this week:

We see the bird (yes, always the bird) on her log, eyeing up a beetle. Same post proc as before. This is about 0.6 MB.

Keyframing dialogue is next. Anyone have any experience with that? If I’m just opening and closing a beak, is it going to be as gruelling as I think it is?

Also, I have a half-screen divx of the work to date, excluding this last scene. There are about six more seconds on this clip than the last one, including the zoom into the closeup of the eye and the finished cat/memory/reflection effect. I didn’t post or DOF the second half, though, so it’s definitely a WIP.

It’s 3.6 MB, and I don’t want to kill my bandwidth allocation, so if you’re interested, send me a private message here on Elysiun and I’ll send you the url.

:o :o :o

Amazing, I would love a copy of the movie. i’m not sure if it is better to ask for the 3.6M copy now or wait another little and have also this bug scene in!!!


wow that looks really really cool. I like it.


O great. I post my animation on the same day as Lyubomir. Ack!

It all looks very cool!

But I don’t recall birds doing that weird in real life.

Great texturing, lighting and everything else! I can imagine the difficulties trying to get the movement to be as realistic as possible…

I love the photorealistic-ness of it all.

Just looked at the clip. Very well done. There seems to be a difference in lighting in the first part and the last part but I suspect that will be corrected later. I really like the lighting in your scene, the way the bird moves, the camera movements. I also liked the way the cat appeared in the birds eye, very imagitive. You are doing a great job on this, keep it up.


It looks very good.

  • Birdwatcher Mode *

Just one thing about the movements that I noticed. The tail seems to bend at the wrong place. You usually see the wings folded up along the back of the bird, meeting right at the tail area. The actual bend area is hidden under the long wing feathers, so all you see is the tail feahters moveing. The fact that the tail curve is down and then up dosn’t look right. You usually see the tail feathers twiching and moveing, not the bird’s rear itself bending around. The wings also look a little short for that size of a bird.

Also, if a bug were crawling that close to a bird, I think that it would be gone :smiley:

  • End Birdwatcher Mode *

Anyway, my “Birdwatcher” observations are very nitpicky…you can leave it alone and probably nobody else will really notice.

The scene looks really good though. Lighting and environement are very realistic.


excellent stuff man…

i trhink your stuff is tremendous… you definatly make hate listye 2002

Thanks for the kind comments all around.

You’re right. I just went and looked at my original references. If I feel like procrastinating before I do the lip-sync portion that comes next, I’ll go back and revise the base bird model to reflect your observations. Thanks.