More Blender Game Engine questions.

I have been using blender for about a 2 years now, and have been using it off and on for modelling and just generally messing about with it. I’ve picked it up quite well in my opinion but i still have plenty to learn but havent really encountered any problems i couldnt google my way out of. most of the time my searches brought me here so i thought i would sign up. but enough about me.

I have recently just started toying with the BGE and have just about pieced together an FPS. I have a few questions you might be able to answer.

  1. i would like to create a torch on the end of my gun, i tried to just parent a spotlight on the end of my gun but i dont think its as simple as that right? also i deleted all my light sources but my my scene hasnt got any ‘darker’. I have applied textures to everything through the UV image editor btw.

  2. I would like to create a health and damage system, would anyone be so kind as to give me a quick explanation? or at the very least a link to a tutorial or something.


I’ve just realised i should have posted this in the game engine section.

No problem, I’ve moved it.

Yes, it is that easy.

You need at least one light source otherwise you get shadeless objects.
Your spotlight should be sufficient enough. If you want it dark, make sure you have no ambient color set (world settings) as this is the minimum lighting.
Without more information I can’t help you.
Do you use textured view mode?
Are the object shaded?

Check the resources forum for health, health bar, or speed bar. You should find something

Thanks for the help and info, Yes i am in textured view and what do you mean by if they are shaded? also did find something in the resources thanks :slight_smile: i would like to tell you more but i dont know what else there is to tell :slight_smile: