Has the append function changed?.
I open a blender file.
RMB select something.
Note which layer.
open new file.
click file append.
selct file and item etc.
click Load Library.
(what we need is a normal copy/paste command)
Intel celeron 2.2 GHz, 845GL chipset, integrated 828455 etc graphics controller.
Yes i have uninstalled and re downloaded and installed.
yes i have the leatest graphics driver.
Is Blender just a wish, or does it ever really work?

select file
select objects “folder”
select object with mmb to append it

I bet you were just appending the mesh, which isn’t visible on its own. it needs to be linked to an object, which can be done by selecting the mesh in the edit buttons [by pressing the button for the mesh chooser… I forget the term at the moment]