More Blender - YAFray Fun!

Another HDRI render with a Photon light for some caustics.

I know that the base seems segmented. I did not add enough poly’s there. But I am done with this one.


This reminds me of something from Fiat Lux. I keep telling myself we are using freeware.

:smiley: Very very cool… How long for the render? I know what you mean when you say “I’m finished with this one”… Sometimes, you can’t help it: you just don’t want to re-render or alter the model yet another time…

Good job BgDM


Very nice…

nice! I wish my renders looked that good! mine never come out like they are supposed to…

keep it up!


good good

now when will my computer manage all this?

Very nice! It reminds me of a little animation study I did a while back. I like the reflections a lot. Did you use IBL, or just use an HDR probe for the reflections?

BTW ec2 - Fiat Lux was constructed using non-free software (Maya, I think) but rendered with the very free Radiance 8) . Yafray is one heck of a renderer, though [!]

I have to keep telling myself the same thing!

Not too bad actually. It was about 20 minutes.

thor: Thanks!

Do you need some help with the settings? I am more than happy to help. Just ask away!!

Well, don’t you need a monitor first so you can see what is going on? :wink:

Just an HDRI probe for the lighting and the BG image for reflections.

Thanks for all the nice comments people!