More character developments!

:smiley: Here are two more pictures. This time, of a different character. I did something about those REEEELLY long arms, ok??




Hope you all get to see him!

uhm I may be wrong but isn’t that the ame picture twice? Really nice work though. I like the sweater thing, and the arms look nice.

Try again, dude. The second picture should be closer up than the first.

Thanks for the note, though. :wink:

what a nice caracter! great style!
the only comment i could do is that i can hardly indentifiy what that on his right shoulder, maybe another oint of view?


Nice! I think it looks great, are you going to animate him?

He kinda looks like somebody i know…


um…where’s the pix?

really nice style

To answer some comments:

That thing on his shoulder is what remains of his coat lapel. This character’s name is Ragtag, a protagonist in a short film I am working on. The film’s title at the moment is “Character develpment”. In answer to another question, if you cannot see the pictures, then you’re a FREAK! :smiley: All you gotta do is copy and paste the URL into your address box in your browser, and you should be redirected to the picture.

If my comments above haven’t revealed it already, yes, the character is going to be animated. I am striving for a style that will allow me to move the character with the minimum of keyframes. His mesh is sub-surfaced from a low-poly mesh. He is suposed to be gangly and awkward, kind of like Woody from toy story.

PS: Who does he remind you of??

PPS: Here a couple of links to some MOV files I uploaded to my crappy geocities site. The first is a lip-synch test:

the second is a deformation test. The bones are really working well!

copy and paste the links. If they don’t work, try again in a couple of days.

PPPS: Here a couple of tests on placing a character in a pre-built environment:

These are also lighting tests. Suggestions, helpful hints, slader: all in welcome!