more cloth problems! :(

I’m trying to create a scene(as detailed in the image below) but for some reason,draping the cloth is proving impossible. I half resolved my previous issue with the cloth cutting into the corners. But now it just looks too blocky. Is it possible to keep 45degree corners on the cloth without a loss of quality? subsurfing just rounds off the edges.Is there any definitive tutorial on creating and using cloth?

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keep in mind i’ve only been doing any 3D stuff for the last week!haha i know its shit when compared to the stuff you guys have been doing on here,which is frankly amazing!! :smiley:

If you want to keep the edges hard when you subsurf, select the edges of the cloth, hit Shift e, drag and click. This will make the selected edges hard.

Also, there is a fork of Blender that has a cloth modifier. You can get it at