more constraint questions

my goal is to have a hand pick up a pencil

this is what I have

a pencil with a location constraint with an empty as the target

the empty is parented to the hand

I have set keys for the constraint so that the value is 0 untill frame 100

the value then switches to 1

the hand touches the pencil at frame 100, and at this point I would expect t

the pencil to stay with the hand

but the pencil remains in its place as the hand moves away? :-?

can someone point out where I’m messing up



I just tried it and it works perfectly well for me. So it’s hard to say precisely what you’ve done wrong! I suggest you to make a complete check:

  • Is the constraint really set in the PENCIL and not in the HAND?
  • Is the name of the target object really the name of the HAND OBJECT [and not the name of the HAND MESH!]?
  • Did you really CREATE the constraint ipo? [CTRL CLICK, in the IPO window, in CONSTRAINT ipo type] And do you see there the colored curve with your points?
  • Does this curve have the same NAME [datablock name] as the constraint NAME? [to switch to the right constraint ipo, press the EDIT button of your constraint] In fact it’s possible to have a different name between the constraint and it’s ipo, but I find this really not well done in Blender [not clear at all], so it’s best not to touch as it may be source of confusion.

If yes to all that, I don’t know what could be wrong…