More control over my normals


Am I right in thinking that the faces within a seamed area becomes a normal? for example if I turn all the edges of a cube into seams does each face of that cube become a normal?

If the answer is yes is there a way to control the direction of the normal and fix it to that direction. Basically I have a wall that when unwrapped looks fine on one side but on the rear side it has sections within seamed areas that are 90 degrees off. I can correct this in the UV editor by manually turning the individual islands but this is time consuming. It’s not random either as they always face the same direction which means that something is giving that instruction. I need to edit that instruction so that every-time I unwrap - the normal’s face the right direction.
Maybe there is an ad-on that does this.

For anybody who is interested, I found that when I deleted the seams that were on the back the brick texture began to flow the right way. It would seem (no pun intended) that less is more when it comes to seams.