more controll over normals?

Hi Everybody,

I just wondered if somebody have an idea how to solve this problem.
I wanted to make a scored metal sheet. I started to do from a plane and when I completed the rough shape I gave a thickness to it. I wanted to do with the “Solidify Selection”
script, but it didn’t do the result I expected. I have checked the normals and some of them weren’t perpendicular to the face. I managed to solve this with extruding all the faces individually (I know that this is a crap solution). After I solved this “thickness” problem I was up to give bevel for specific edges. It also hasn’t given the expected result. (I used the “Bevel Center” script.) I have checked the VNormals this time and they were like a mess.
Does anybody know an option/way to clear up the direction of the normals to make some sort of relation to the others. Basically is there any other things I can modify apart form flip them? Or I should have done this model different way…
I hope all of this make sense.
Thanks a lot for any answer.


Use Ctrl+N command in edit mode, with all vertices selected, to recalculate the normals to point outside… Is that what you wanted?

Yeah, I’d like to see some more normals control functionality too. Right now you can’t edit each normal manually as far as I now. There’s only an automatic recalculation tool (Ctrl+N).

Well there is also the “FLIP NORMALS” option.
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or in the mesh->normals menu while in edit mode

what cnikiel said works on the individual faces selected.

Thanks for all answers. I knew about those 3 options. Basically I need slightly more than just flipping the normals.

Here is a screenshot.

I’d like to have all normals perpendicular to the face it belongs to.

At the moment I have strange results if I want to extrude the faces together.
That’s fine when I extrude them individually. That would be a pain for a more difficult object though.

And an other case:

The directions are fine here, however the lengths are different. It would be handy to make them uniform.
Again, when I want to add a thickness to the model for instance with the “Solidify Selection” script, the two side will extrude differently.

Thanks a lot for all your answers.


One reason the normals may not be "perpendicular to the surface is that the surface is not flat. If the normals are not all the same length, it may be that what you’re taking for a normal is actually the inward-pointing normal of a different poly on the other side of the mesh poking through the near side.
In the second picture, it looks like (I can’t tell exactly) like the normals on the lower part are pointed inward.
ctrl-N sometimes works better if you remove doubles first.