More dynmaic / intense way of scaling something up?

I’m making an animation where I’d like something to increase dramatically in size. However, If I just regularly scale it up using the s key, it looking dull, and unrealistic.

Is there a cooler looking way of doing this? Sort of make it mutate larger? Not sure, ideas please.


Bump, still need help please

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I don’t know what you mean by

Sort of make it mutate larger?

If you keyframe an object changing scale you can change the rate of scale to whatever way you want in the graph editor window.

Well if I just regularly scale something up in an animation, it looks boring and unrealistic. There’s got to be a cooler way of doing this, like making parts of it bulge out from the inside or something?

You can probably achieve nice results with just scaling, without having to do more advanced deformation.
What you should do is adjust your timing, and do some anticipation/overshooting. I’d probably add some squash n stretch too.

More info can be found here:

Besides, I’m wondering what you are animating that can increase dramatically in size and be realistic in the same time :slight_smile:

maybe use shapekeys to scale different parts of the mesh at a different rate. and you should have a look at disney’s animations ALWAYS! they show you how to animate things much more interesting :slight_smile:

Try the overshoot technique. Instead of just scaling from point A to B add a third point C which is larger than your target size B. Then quickly bring it back down to from size C to size B. So keyframes look like this A->C->B.