MORE fluid sim - a boat

Yep. Another one. I’m having great fun learning how to use this fluid simulator. This time I’ve created a small channel, dropped in a load of water (instant waves :wink: ), lowered in a small approximation of a row-boat, and moved the boat from one end to the other.

It left some small artifacts on the top edge of the boat but, other than that, I’m quite chuffed with the effect. Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

fluid sims are crack. something about the randomness of the results or something but I can’t stop running them either. did one last night that is a fluid inflow marble rolling down through a simple obstacle course. things get weird. anyway, add some particle spray and you’re all set, nice bow wave. maybe if the boat was a little bigger it wouldn’t flow over it.

Looks really cool. Great work.

It looks kinda funny in the beginning when you “drop” the water in…:slight_smile:
(Great idea though)

yeah, you oughta set the start frame forward a bit so you don’t get that. of course it’s a test though.

that’s cool though. although when the water, even without the artifacts, is pushed away by the boat, it looks a little claymation-y. that or the water is affected like the boat is going faster than it already is. i don’t know too much about fluid sim, but it seems as if the water is being deflected too much…or it’s just quirky like F/StopDigital said.

btw, what does “chuffed” mean? is that just a british saying? :wink:

Mais, oui, mon ami. It is very much English. It means one is very pleased. Chuffing chuffed. Well chuffed.


If you can figure out how to get a “wake” coming out of the back of the boat, please share the details :slight_smile: … So I can use it with this project

to improve this animation


whoa, im not french! (that is french right? :))

anyway, im getting off topic.

there’s no “wind” deflection for water is there? cuz that could be used for a wake…

I don’t think you can use deflectors on fluid sims but I’d love to be proved wrong. That would mean other deflectors would work. Mmmmmmm…, whirlpools.

on this site i found a boat waves at the back
i am not fully sure if that’s fluid sim but i think so

It is fluid sim. That was what I saw that made me want to try it in blender. Of course, the one in that video isn’t done in blender. There are some incredible simulations on that site involving multiple fluids (including fire).

Let’s see if anyone with technical knowledge of the blender fluid simulator can help us out here…,

Shouts… “what are we (am I) doing wrong, here?”… to technical guys