more fractal flame

here is a texture i call green lizard skin.

here is another one.i call it snowflakes in a dust storm.

Looks very interesting, i really like it!

Thankyou for the compliment.

Here is another one.called echoes of the galaxy in the sky.

here another one called rad excelleration.

very good bro, how you’re doing this?

what do you mean?

here is another one black oil under lamp.

how about this is called skin scalp.

First three are not clear. 4th and 5th are awesome.

thakyou for is another one.i call it strange planets.

I made another one called star in the it is.

here is another one.i call it star fish in a rock.

here is another one.i call it swirls in the ocean.

Here is another one called wave space.I use iwarp in gimp to it.

Perfect! The magic of fractals) Just look and enjoy)

You will have to use gimp filters
to make this.I used map=fractal trace,illusion.I call this dense

here is another one of it.

I call this one blue goo.

This is how i made this in gimp this way.
filters=render=nature=flame. and then map=illusion.
I call it orion.