More general forums on traditional art

I’m looking for some other good forums on the topic of creating art, mostly drawing. By good I mean that they are not full of old women showing off their latest fruitbowl still-life or geeks showing off their latest manga chicks and robots. Just people who actually have a clue exchanging ideas and discussing techniques. Anybody know of such a place?

yup…but u gotta tell me where are the “old women showing off their latest fruitbowl still-life” forums, as those must actually rock! :stuck_out_tongue:


sorry. Silly joke from a realistic style freak…

Well, here some forums, probably some of the best :

some extremely good concept artist here (as in any forum, these use to be like 10 peopl, not the several hundreds there…and many manga child everywhere on the net, u can’t avoid that…)

(at least in the past, in the bellow one, there were loads of Open Canvas beta painting tool users, my favourite digital painting tool )

SOmewhat less politically correct than other places, I like the name.At cgtalk painting forums u also find very interesting stuff.

As a curiosity (I am registered customer of Zbrush, just I don’t use it anymore) u can go to Zbrush Central…is a tool that allows 2d/3d painting, in the past u could just paint with it with the demo, just the 3d object import export was lnot possible…Or just go there to see some few very good pieces, in a very different style…


Thanks! The conceptart and sijun boards look interesting.

Has a great forum. VERY huge. Tough crits btw.
Edit: OOPS didnt see the post with this already in it sry

I don’t think it gets any better than
you can find most anything there… from 3d Killing robots to clifford the big red dog…