more girls

tsk… naughty.

anyway first off, there are some really bad smudge marks on the pictures - I would sort that out.

also I did not see any guidelines used for your pictures. Instead of just straight drawing, read up some tutorials on using guidelines and use them.
Right now their bodies look out of shape If you use guidelines it will sort this out.

I never draw a character straight out… I always start with a guide line… Here is example of one of my guidelines:

But usally its a stick figure.

Also saying that are out of shape… that doesn’t help… I do know I get lazy around the feet and hands… but whats out of shape of them? really i would like to know.

Also those smudges are some of my cleanest! ^_- I really wont care for clean lineart, if I did I’d use a computer. I am sorry if I feel like I am biting back, just if I get a crit, I want one that doesn’t slam my crap to the ground with the only explaination of that its ALL out of shape. Do enjoy a comment like “Hands look like crap”, or “The torso is too short”. But to tell me that a character is mishaped?

Top drawing: head looks crap. forehead too large

Bottom drawing: Excellent foreshortening. WACK ASS POSE.

in short :you’re too good to keep drawing girls. do something else, with a scene!

Second one the leg should come in front of the arm on the (our) left hand side.

2nd Traitor, try something more ambitious and complex.


^_- hm… well I really dont spend any more then 15 mins on a drawing… I just lose intrest too fast, but if you have any suggestion just let me know. I figured my girl drawing would eventrally get boring.

As leg thanks, I actrally redrew it 5 times and neither were good I’ll keep that in mind. But really I must appolize that that pose ~~ She’s not grabbing her ass, it was meant to be as if she was just be raped… or used… So yeah… she’s not takes a sh*t ~~.