more glsl shaders?

After the Apricot project is finished we have realtime glsl shader feature that will come with blender 2.48 thanks for Brecht to do this magic.
When i playing this features and making some object and try to make a level seems only 2 features missing to cover all important visual feedback , the alpha based shadow (avoid to make baked shadow-map for level) this not would be a problem if it slowdown just an option for visual feedback (for tree leaves, grid-curtain etc.) and the glow map for light sources and special effect (lamps, lava, neon, exploding, glowing surfaces etc.)
I cross my fingers and i hope this features come soon. :slight_smile:

for fast prototyping i would appreciate realtime texture preview of the computed ones. i’m using them very often and it would be enough when they where rendered to a fixed size like 512x512 when changing the texture values.