More graphical problems

When you zoom, switch modes, click buttons etc… the mouse curser disappeares, when you move the mouse the area around where the curser was becoms distorted or disappeares all together.

I’m running windows XP Pro, 1.7 ghz celeron, ATI Radeon 9500.

I’ve updated the drivers and still the same problem, I’ve tried just about everything I can and nothing seems to fix this, also, it started to happen very suddenly, I can’t think of anything I did or installed that would cause this.

I have a small screen shot to show what I mean:


have you tried disabling the cursor shadow in the mouse options in the control panel?

Didn’t do anything, the whole cursor disappears, it must be an OpenGL bug or something…damnit but reinstalling drivers should of fixed it in that case…grrrrrrrr.

Any more ideas?


well you’re the first person to complain about the cursor on an ati card that I’ve seen

did you completely remove the drivers, and reboot, before installing the new ones?

No, I just updated them.

I hope it doesn’t come to re-installing them completely, everything is working perfectly except for this, I must of done something for this to happen because it was working fine before, I just can’t think of what I could of done.