More Halo Problems

Could someone take a quick minute and test this? Maybe even on a linux box just to verify.

I created a basic cube, and assigned a halo material with HaloTex. I then created a default cloud texture, in the second texture slot, mapped to color only (default shocking pink). Render, and I don’t get any color - see pic 1.

I then copy to the buffer, clear the texture, then paste from the buffer to the first slot & I get color. It seems as though halo materials will not recognize any color or even texture in anything but the first slot.

Bug anyone?

Edit - I have verified this behavior in 2.43 & 2.42A


I’m getting the same thing on windoze. Even when I disable the texture channel checkbox it maps to the halo anyway unless I disable the color option.

Posted - #7136. Although, it appears to be related to an old issue - #1481. Personally, I can see a valid need for multiple textures on a halo material. Especially if you are trying to create clouds.

yes it seems that only single textures can be applied to halos, nodes don’t work with halos.
There is a workaround, create 2 cubes, either parent, child, or group them.
Set each to alpha 50% or whatever works to mix and match materials & textures.
Also by using the texture colorband you can fake multiple textures on halos.
For fake volumetric clouds try using the old bjf (Blender Juliet Fractals) script or a deformed uvsphere for some interesting results then add a cloud texture with lots of greys & whites with different alpha settings (in the colorband that is) and see how extra realism & versatility to halo’s can be done.