more hayabusa pics

(kos) #1

here are a couple of more pics:

there without background scene though.i’m thinking of putting a background in it.acouple of days(or years :stuck_out_tongue: )may be.

(Ecks) #2

Just one word to say: WOW! ok maby two: WOW! WOW!.. :o :smiley:

(ZoltarX) #3

Absolutely fantastic modeling!!! I still have not produced anything as cool as that. It may be some time before I do :-? .

I notice the front brake disk seems a bit transparent though, and the gold colour is not so metallic. Is it supposed to be like that?

Otherwise, beautiful !!!


(Goofster) #4

holy cr*p. that’s nice. keep going on like this and this baby will be frikken awesome!


(kos) #5

to ZoltarX’s question- yes the frontside break disk is transparent and made with some kind of plastic.the backside is same too.

(scrappy) #6

wow, very nice model, but for some reason the bike looks too long, but could just be my opinion.

(anti) #7

Nice work.

Out of how many polys is it made ?

Any chance to see wireframe and/or flatshaded versions ?!

(Haunted-House) #8

Thats really good, you did some nice modeling!

(kos) #9

:-? i don’t know why do you think so.i got some great reference pics of hayabusa.very few people will make mistakes with such great refernce pics.if you are not satisfied you can always compare with the real pics of hayabusa.but i think there may be some minor errors in my model because the pics were perspective(though i did not blindly follow the reference pics).

about the polygon count,its total polygon count is somewhere near 4000 or so(i’m not sure).the main body is a subsurf with subdivision 2.

some wireframe and flat shaded images will be there in a couple of days.

(LoZaR) #10

Dont seem to be able to see your pictures. Yahoo insists they don’t exist :frowning:

You can get accurate specs for the Suzuki Hayabusa from the Suzuki website

just look for GSX1300R K2 Hayabusa in the models section.

Beast of a bike with more power than you can shake a stick at. Presonally prefer the Honda Blackbird CBR1100 for looks at least. The 'busa has quite a long wheel base compared to other bikes this helps keep it stable at very high speeds (180mph +) . It remains the highest max speed production bike in the world. Although it probably steers like a cow.

(kos) #11

whatever…i don’t bother now…atleast until i think of making the 2nd version of that beast. 8)

(Dittohead) #12

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(9) #13

mmm… Your website seems to be down!? Too bad I wanted to see those pics…

Dumb me! I forgot the copy’n’paste! Wooch, it’s a great job! looks almost photoreal’ (except the brake disks, something weird on them…) reflection looks very good.


(blengine) #14

wow nice… needs a scene =\

(kos) #15

i don’t agree to what 9 feels.the break disk is that way in reality :-? .you may have a look at real hayabusa pics.