More interior

Hello all … my new interior … :RocknRoll:

based on [link] ( CASA )

Rendered using Yafray for about a minute and post-work on the Gimp for color balance … Hope you like it …:smiley:

Also look blurry … I forgot i bout it … :no:

deviantart …

Nice interiors Sdil. Very modern looking.

Lighting and modeling in general seems fine to my “still-in-training” artistic eye though one there is one small little thing I am noticing with your AO/Lightng - on the walls the light spread or Ambient Occlusion (not sure which one is causing it) is patchy if you understand what I mean - though I think it is only a minor issue and maybe just cause be the blurryness like you said.

Anyway I like them, moreso the first one than the last but both are good.

Good Work.


emm… thank …

Hey, yeah the first one is awesome!

Nice, sort of modern minimalism. It’s all in the lighting;).
Just sharpen them up a bit.

lovin the colors! good lighting, thought those were reference photos scanned from a magazine at first. they look like old photographs.

thank you all …

The first one looks like a photo. Could have fooled me if I didn’t know it was CG! Good work.