More issues and questions in same package

Okay, here’s the deal. I’ve advanced to aknowledging the Modifiers and what they can do, the Mirror modifier doing a great job in giving me a precise second half of my model, allowing me to make a complete piece after I apply it. However, there’s some really, really wierd things happening when I try to mirror a model with more vertices. Infact, Blender always does something like this when I try functions like these. This time the vertices themselves pose a problem. The program is seemingly changing the lines between the vertices to some wierd archs that affect the other vertices too when I try moving one, making it impossible to close the seams perfectly. And it does this completely by itself when I cut the other half off from the model. I really have no idea what this thing is doing. Does this have something to do with the Subsurf modifier? And how can I possibly prevent those archs from appearing?
EDIT: I just remembered the Apply function and realized that the problem arises because the Subsurf hasn’t been applied yet, giving the distorted effect in the vertice lines when doing cutting. Ignore this question altogether.

I also need to know how I can connect vertices into one. What I mean is that I have two vertices which I want to merge to just one. Infact, it doesn’t end there. How do I paint/add/whatever you call it vertices to the existing model? How do I merge the applied Mirror side of the model to the original piece so it becomes one piece? Also, how do I make the Fill function work as I’ve tried it with no response in the Edit Mode?

Enlighten me.

Let me see if i understand all of your questions.

1 - You can “Merge” 2 or more vertices into 1 with ALT+M
2 - Adding vertices (in editmode only) can be made by several ways.
If you have 1, 2 or more parts (vertices, edges or faces) of your mesh selected, you make a fast “extrude” with CTRL+LMB “Left Mouse Button”.
You can also duplicate with SHIFT+D.
You can Extrude your selection “E”. And you can add a mesh while you are in editmode of another mesh. The new mesh becomes part of the other one.
3 - To apply Mirror modifier you have a button that says “Apply” right in the Mirror options.
4 - Fill does not work on all the conditions and using all the vertices you select. There’s a script (try to find it in scripts forum) that’s called “Vertices to faces” that behaves more as expected.

Did i miss something?

Thanks. Already familiar with the Apply function. I also found out the good way of merging vertices by the use of the Remove Doubles function(as long as the settings are correct), which is good for removing seams between the mirrored instances. Will try the Merge function later when I make teeth for my lizard model. Thanks a bunch.:cool:

You didn’t say that the vertices you want to merge are in the same (or almost) place. ALT+M is good when they’re more distant from each other.