More lawn!

Hi everyone,

Here’s an image I made for inclusion in an invitation layout. There’s a slight DoF achieved with the ol’ spin-the-camera trick and some post processing to burn in some areas. Many thanks to all who’ve discussed producing similar models here. The forum was a huge help.

Nicely done!

Very little could be done to improve it (smoothing of the dimple edges would be more realistic and may have made the logo stand out more).

But again, looks great.

Also the grass closer to the camera is a tad spiky.

But other than that it’s excellent! I Like the Dof. How long have you been using Blender?

Seeing this picture makes me want to chip the ball on the green.

Something looks screwy with the dimple pattern on the golf ball… and yes, the near grass blades could use some width.

Could you tell us more about the spin-the-camera techniqe, please?

not sure, but i think you track the camera to tha ball, make it spin around the ball, and render with mblur on… just a guess.

that is one of the best grasses I have seen, the ball is pertty good too. you should probably add a 9iron by the side :wink:

nice work

is it a picture? no, it’s a render! Beautifully done! :smiley:


Looks great, the grass is brilliant, the lighting matches the sky and the flag looks good too. Just a couple of crits, me being a golfer (handicap 11) i see plenty of different types of golf balls. There is definatly something a little off about the dimple pattern and the dimple size. If you look at the image below you will see the flater areas around the dimples should be smaller and the pattern should be less regular. In fact on gold balls these days you find less rounded dimples and can even get expensive balls with hexagonal dimples! Anyway if you wanted to improve on this already wonderful piece then change the dimples a bit.

Can you share the modelling technique you used to create the dimples? I have tried on and off for ages to model a gold ball, with no luck.

I really like the subtle use of dof. Nice composition.

How did you make the grass?

Extensive discussion here:

I really like this - good use of DOF and nice colours.

I agree with the others about the dimples - they might be a bit too deep - but on the other side I think they look really cool in this lighting…

Thanks you for the comments. I agree with the dimples looking a bit artificial. I looked a quite a few ways to do this and settled on the technique Knightmare worked out. Looks a bit stylized in the end.

Same with the grass being a bit spiky. Though the blades look less photorealistic, I think it gives a better overall effect. My test renders had wider blades but they all tended to look like plastic. The top edges were too clean, like it’d been mowed with a laser. I’d though of using a couple simple textured blade objects and Dupliverts but was afraid the scene would get unmanageable. I’m open to suggestions on this though. The fun part was bending the grass away from the ball using a Spherical Field to avoid clipping.

I’d first looked at Blender early on (ver. 1.x) and had a difficult time of it. I’d been using Lightwave up till then and went back to that. I rediscovered Blender just a couple months ago though and was amazed by it. I primarily use 3D to complement design work, so I don’t get to do as much as I’d like to.

The grass texture can be downloaded here, and here’s a screenshot of the scene. Pretty basic.

very professional work!nice can you tell something about the lighting setup.

I think something that most people have overlooked is the size of the grass. Its a teriffic picture (I mean render… oops) but the grass should be much larger, even for turf grass.