more little problems.....

i tried your soloution saluk but it didn’t work…the room went darker but the lamps were’nt working…do i have to change them too?
and i made my char animated and all but when i attached a camera to him (parenting) either the camera looked up or the char flew away…
thnx for your help!

knew i had forgotten something!
i want to change the scene when you either click the door or walk into it.
but i also wanted to change where the camera went to when i touched the door (in the same scene) hopefully thats possible.
sorry bout all the quezzys!

Lamps: They should work, make sure they are positioned right and in the same layer as the object you want them to affect. If you don’t know about layers, then you probably have it right. If your lamps still arent affecting the object, and you’re sure you’ve used face select mode to correctly tell the object to be affected by light, try deleting the lamps and adding lamps again. If you still can’t get it, email me the blend and I’ll take a look.

If you are using the camera actuator, then DONT parent the camera to the character. Although the camera actuator still doesn’t work too well. If this wasn’t the problem, then I dunno. Blender can be really weird about things sometimes.

The last question is easy. Just set up your second camera where you want it and remember the name. Select the character, and in the game buttons click on add prop. Name the new property “player”. Now, in the door, add logic bricks thusly: "Collision(enter “player” for it’s property) - And - Scene (Choose set camera, and type in the camera’s name where it says “OB”).
If it’s set up correctly, it should switch to camera 2 when the character touches the door.

ahhh…it’s all workin now…
the lamps are ok…but they’re not as effective as ones used in rendering.
the camera parented to the characters fine…you were right i was using the camera actutator…lol
and i did as you said for scene changes and that works too!
thnx saluk…
bty my games gone through lots of stages and has turned from a penguin game into an elf mystical kinda game…i really don’t know how that happened!

Yeah, game design tends to do that a lot. Start out as one thing and end up something completely different :slight_smile:

Good luck with the game!