Hello everyone,

I haven’t posted any of my music on any more since it’s not that important in my opinion. My tracks always suck a bit and I don’t want to bother my online friends with ugly music tracks.

But I just couldn’t resist posting this thread on because I am so curious about what people think of my recently uploaded tracks:

  • Modern Classical Loop
  • The End
  • Latin Loading Screen
  • Welcome HumanSo. Tell me what you think.Link
  • AniCator

modern classical loop:

all good, especialy the drums, but that one main loop playing throughout the song is kinda ugly sounding

welcome human:

like this one a lot, sounds like something you would hear in halo, lol

Nice AniCator, there all pretty good.

My favs are Welcome human and The End though. Nice creepy feel to The End. And i like the way youve put in the Nasa voices in Welcome Human.

Im sure youve been asked this before, but what program do you use? Ive looked into FLStudio, but havent had the time yet to learn it properly.

Could you be more specific on which instruments sound ugly? I didn’t boost anything with the equalizer in that track so that will probably explain the difference in quality. I’m not saying I can’t do that either.

Thanks for your reply,
Welcome Human still needs to be remastered. You might have noticed that the choir voices are a bit too loud and I might add a bit of reverb to the NASA voices.

Software. Haha. I can tell you that I am using an awesome piece of software that has a really big advantage. What? IT’S FREE! And last month I heard that their programmer is back on the code again. There are Betas available but I haven’t used them yet. I’m afraid of crashes since that is what this software tends to do sometimes.

It’s called Jeskola Buzz. It’s not looking as fancy as FLStudio and doesn’t have all the features it has but you can hear that the artist decides whether his tracks will sound like crap or not.

I once played with FLStudio (Demo) and I really like the Piano Roll feature. Apart from that there isn’t a lot of difference between Buzz and Fruity Loops.
The only thing you should keep in mind is that I use a lot of external soundfonts and VSTs.

I am currently saving up money for an awesome 32GB sample library. Can anyone guess which one?
Hint: East West Quantum Leap

- AniCator

PS: That library will make my music rock! Finally!

why don’t you upload it to jamendo
PS :- no time to DLD for now …
PS2 :- long time no see anicator and mack .
bye .

Now thats cool, a freeware music program?? I had a look for one, but couldnt find anything. The trial version of FL was all i could get that was decent.

Ill check out Buzz asap!

And roughly how much does that ‘pack’ your going to buy cost?

€534.31 incl. 19% VAT
I still need: €385.31

- AniCator

PS: I don’t work. I wait for the money to come to me. Which it actually does, at least it looks like that. It’s cool. But it takes time. I’m very dedicated to my hobbies.

I have been working on a new track. I was actually trying to make a bad track. Making weird and bad tracks is inspiring but this track turned out to be in between good and bad.
At least that’s what others said.

3DGURU might like this more than the others or simply hate it! It’s using Arabian/Indian instruments and some classical instruments.

I haven’t posted this one on my blog yet because I am also working on a compilation of my GMOD adventures.

Sounds like … Iraq?

- AniCator

“Latin Loading Screen” is my favorite.

Nice, again, AniCator

Keep posting your music, its good to hear new songs.

Ive looked into Buzz and downloaded it. But i cant find any beginner tutorials. A ‘noob to pro’ tutorial list should be compulsory with every program ever made. :yes:

How did you learn?

My favorite is “The End”.

From what I heard some of the tracks will make into my collection. A nice twist on the tracks.

I do have another version of ‘Latin Loading Screen’. It has some more variation.
The intro and main lines are still the same.


Thanks for your encouraging comments,

- AniCator

PS: I’m still working on that compilation.

Nah, I liked the first one better. Can we have a download link for that?

Simple. Remove the ‘2’ in the other link.

All of that stuff is pretty much cool, i liked it.

There are lots of free music programs

Some others are:


LMMS (a FL studio clone, only linux for now, but it is being ported)

Milky tracker


Most freeware music stuff is trackers or multi track recorders

there are many more, these are just some that I know off the top of my head

Naaah… Of course I still make music I just forgot to post a few on the forum. tongue


Peaceful Morning

Test Bla (needs a beat)

Under (too loud)

Monsters Inc. Remix - School Track (old)

Not4Life (messed up track, feel free to hate it) - Not4Life.mp3

Biased Feelings - Biased Feelings.mp3

Biased Nothing - Biased Nothing.mp3

Biased Physics - Biased Physics.mp3

Biased Underpants - Biased Underpants.mp3

Ruins (old)

It’s a battle (crappy but still quite cool)

Silent Fear


Monkey Game Test Theme Theme01_tst_mp3.mp3

Cowbell Excersize (features only the cowbell ‘synth’ with effects applied to it, it is an old experiment) - Cowbell Excersize.mp3

Scary Test (silly test)

Zone (inspired by the game Warzone 2100)

Rayman Remixes (contains old remixes and newer ones)
Action Runner (repetitive)

GemStones (boring)

New York Night (sounds familiar?)

Pirate Mix

Livid (third try with annoying drums)

The Mask

TechnoMurk (better)

Rise (crappy Rise and Shrine remix)

Testing my new sample libraries, these are random tests. Actually I’m only testing Goliath here, I still have to install Symphonic Orchestra.

Goliath Test #1
Goliath Test #2
Goliath Test #3
Goliath Test #4
Goliath Drums Test


- AniCator

PS: If you need any music. PM me. Or mail me using the contact form on my website.

I still have to excuse myself for posting such a big post. (post #18)
So… I’m sorry.

- AniCator