More of my quick works, geometric, stylistic, simple

Some more, just to note I have quite a few more then just these you haven’t seen, but to note I have had times of productivity

One I just created today

And a personal favorite of mine

Do note that with the most recent one, sharpening all the way in the node editor makes the lights placed by the lightcuts algorithm (the edges) visible, on the plus side it does enhances sharp paint effects applied in PSP 7.:wink:

Also note, these aren’t all the images you haven’t seen yet, but they don’t fit the definition of simple, stylistic, or geometric.

EDIT: Been Post processing the colors of the latest one that was today’s creation like 4 times, either this color was ugly right there or the yellow was too hot or what, I think I got it right now.

Very nice. I like how all these things are so complicated but have a very simple shape behind them.

And to think that CG only just posted obsessively. lol :wink:
Don’t take that too seriously!

Very nice CD, love the style. A new generation of 3d

very nice,:smiley: great work dude

Great Work Cd - You can call yourself a master of this style now. Love to see more works of this nature by you!

Very interesting stuff. I like the last one the best.

Some of those look quite nice. Excellent.

Good! I like 'em. Always embrace what comes naturally.

You should have a web site, and your slogan could be

‘Geometric, stylistic, simple.’ Or some variation on that.

Very nice, especially the first three!! They remind me of some of my “friday projects” (just a quick 4-5 hour project to relax on friday nights).