More of Nausicaa!

I’ve got a whole new head for Nausicaa, and I’m using Subdivision surfaces just like last time. However, I need to know how to define the lips with sharper edges. Any tips?
The link are right here,


I’m not normally so critical, so sorry in advance.

Nausicaa’s features are not generally that sharp. The sharpest thing about her is the slight knob at the chin.

Sorry I don’t have any pics from the manga, just what I could scrounge of the 'net. The first, of course, is Miyazaki’s. You can see how soft her features are.

The second is from the film, and is an excellent side view, notwithstanding the nose is turned up just a little too much (all noses protrude over the lip some. This is a Miyazaki artifact).

The third (you can guess where I snagged it… :wink: ) is nearly frontal, but again you can see the sharpest part of her face is the chin, and it’s still quite round. The eyebrows are thin, but a woman’s head does not have a sharp ridge there.

I suggest you dig out the manga and visit a scanner. It has a few good pics, front, side, and three-quarter, scattered throughout. Or find stills from the film (which is generally more consistent). If you plan to make her look more Japanese, one of the fold out posters has a side view that positively exhude that feeling.

Your model’s eyes are too lateral. The face is, looking from the top, triangular. The mouth also needs a bit more work, particularly at the corners, which should not protrude, but intrude. Give her lips, not lines. All lower lips curl out over the chin to some degree. It never hurts to study real faces, even if you’re planning something cartoony.

I’m a fan, so if you put the time into this to do a good job, I’ll be pleased. :smiley:

Soon as the semester’s over I plan to model mehve.