More of the uvmapping tutorial

(IamInnocent) #1

Starting there:
The first page here:
The index of the site here:

This last addition shows why it is impossible to have more than one set of uv coordinate by face and how to still be able to use the uv coordinate to map more than on image (whole or an element of it) to the same faces to gain control on bump, ref, emit and the rest.

(BgDM) #2

Nicely done Jean! I even learned a couple of new things. Very clean and precisely layed out.

Kudos to you for this effort. THis is the best UV tute I have seen done for blender. Everyone should have a look at this.


(harkyman) #3

I really like your tutorial. I’m pretty good at uv mapping (you can find my animated cat face and bird elsewhere in the forums), but I’m still learning. I wish that everyone’s tutes were as clear as yours. Just to let you know, the link going from the English page 14 to page 15 points to the French page 15.

You have obviously put a huge amount of work into this, and it is a great resource for the community to have.

Thank you!

(IamInnocent) #4

Thanks for… the pointer I guess.

And thanks to BgDM and you for the good words.

It isn’t as much work as it seems, once the layout stategy is found. I pretty much do the routine on Blender first, taking snapshots and numbering them as I go in the old Basic programming fashion. After that I just pump those images that have such telling titles and comment on them, sometimes only repeating the title. Then I translate in English or French and that’s pretty much all the proofreading I need.

So don’t worry and take some notes yourself while you blendering : when I’m bored and want to learn something new on Blender I start a new tutorial. You may like it yourself the day you feel short of inspiration.

(rivenwanderer) #5

Neat! UV mapping’s always been near the top of my “I should sit down and learn that but where oh where is a good tutorial?” list :smiley:

(bug) #6

Very nice tutorial. Great work. :slight_smile:

The first Url is wrong. Should be:


(IamInnocent) #7

Right. That’s what a glass of ice tea can do to keyboards.


And thanks for the feedback.


(bogbean) #8

Very nice. Lots of good detail in your tutorial.
This is much appreciated.


(dreamsgate) #9

thanks, now I have no excuse not to sit down and learn this! :smiley:

(S68) #10


it’s becoming a full manual :slight_smile:


(VelikM) #11

That is exemplary! So much to learn.

(IamInnocent) #12

Thanks guys,

now I have no choice but to go on. :smiley:

(djfuego) #13

well done.