more of the young woman-update with 360 spin movie.

(slikdigit) #1

I think this’l be the last post of this for a while - I’m gonna finish up the head, but not too sure how far I want to take this model.
Most of the shapes are roughed out. whats left is a bunch of tweaking and fixing, and possibly extruding out some more detail. must fix problem areas first. Here goes:
tell me what you think!
Edit: Scroll down for the link to the movie.

(stephen2002) #2

the forehead seems to slope back too fast, but then again every person is different.

It is looking good, the proportions are in good shape and the ears (usually the hardest part) look good.

Now all you need is some hair and textures :slight_smile: good luck!

(slikdigit) #3

Thanks for the comment Steven2002. I’ve changed the slope of the forehead. I might change it more, plus the shape/proportion of the skull needs some work. Right now My order of priority are:
1-outer eyelid edges
2-upper nose/nosebridge
3-cheeks tweak
4-skull rework.

these stand out to me as problems. Here’s a 360 spin of the head(thinking of taking this to cgchannel to get some hard crits there.)
I hope this doesn’t kill my downloadability.

([email protected]) #4

Hi, yeah your model looks very nice what concerns proportions and details, in fact I think it is ultra hot, BUT: Priority number one must be the ugly edge where you joined the two mirrored halfs! Smothen this one out, and you can think about posting it to CG-channel. Else I don’t know…

Keep up the good work!

[email protected]

(slikdigit) #5

Priority number one must be the ugly edge where you joined the two mirrored halfs!

select, shift-select, ctrl-j, a, rem doubles, ctrl-n :smiley:
(did I miss a step?)
but I only do it when I’m done modeling- thus the body comes before the edge goes…

(sten) #6

indeed great artwork…I am also working on some characters, and mirrormodeling is great tool !!

(slikdigit) #7

thanks ztonzy- Is there anyplace I can see your artwork?
BTW some of the mesh modelling tools are fantastic- but there’s still a few lacking. I really like triangulate ctr-t/ ctrl-f flip tris and shift j (quadrangulate?) in conjunction with subdivide its very nice to reporpose/ change mesh topology.
wish there was one command to bevel edges tho.
she’s coming along still- got down into the torso, breasts/upper back. I’ll post some more by the weekend. :smiley: