more of ton at siggraph

(Timothy) #1


(system) #2

nice pics!
perhaps somebody could add some text to them (names for example). a good chance to see the ppl!
Hope Ton find some sponsors.

(theeth) #3

my point exaclty. the page is all nice and stuff, but it would be nice to know who I am looking at.


(Dittohead) #4

My thoughts exactly!!! 8)

(Eric) #5

that would be Ton :stuck_out_tongue:

(snowy_duck) #6

hey who ever the guy is on the fourth image spilled his water!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha WAIT! i…gasp…need more…COFFE!

(CubeFan973) #7

Ton with glasses? I never would have imagined it! (I’m not trying to be offensive to glasses-wearers, or I’d be offending myself!)

Unless I’m mistaken, in which case would give you guys more reason to add names to these people.

Also, what’s a PPL? Or rather, the PPL?

(xitnalta) #8

Thats “people” (I strongly assume, at least). Hey, why does some strange Swiss boy (me) know an English abbreviation that a true American doesn’t? Very strange :).


(CubeFan973) #9

I’m sorry, it was capitalized, so I thought that it was an abbreviation.

PPL = people? I thought it’d be like:

P(whatever) P(whatever again) L(whatever yet again).

Excuse me for sticking to American English for too long.