More off-topic Madness: The colour brown in cinema

Just been watching a bit of “The Mummy Returns” and I noticed that the colour brown is used in the film almost to the point of saturating the whole thing to a complete brown solid colour.

There are a couple of guest appearances from the colours Red and Black, and the colour White makes a cameo.

Does anyone know of any other films that have similar mono-colour qualities, despite being filmed in glorious Technicolor?

Black and white films are of course not allowed, nor any strange psychedelic “obviously meant to look a strange colour” films etc.

Also, if you haven’t seen The Mummy Returns, dont bother. You could watch the first one to get a feel for it if you can be bothered, but the second one is almost the same. And they’re both as brown as each other.

The original Matrix and the new film Saw have a pervasive green hue to them.

The Tim Burton films I’ve seen seem to have a lot of black and white elements in them. Especially with cirtain characters. Edward Scissorhands, Beatleguice, Jack Skellington, the spider from James and the Giant Peach.

James and the Giant Peach

I dont think Tim worked on that one…to my knowledge anyways.

Yeah he did. It was the second disney film he worked on. In the beggining and the end of the film (when it was not claymation), it has a real “Tim Burton” feeling to it.