more on radiosity: the 16 mats warning

when calculating radiosity, I keep getting this “warning: cannot asign more than 16 materials to one mesh”.

What does this mean? How can I prevent it? I havent got a clue as to what may cause it… help please

With radiosity modelling all objects gets merged into one large object. If you have more than 16 objects, each with its own material - or less objects with more than 1 material - the resulting object would have more than 16 materials. But thats not possible (in the moment).

If you need the previously assigned materials, you have to make sure that you have no more than 16 materials in total on all objects that you want to include in the radiosity modelling.

I hope this will change with the next release.

thanx soylent. I didnt think about that one.

there is a catch, though. I have a lot of objects -floor, walls, ceiling- but only two different materials. Do they count as ‘different’ materials still?

also thankx for the ideas on the other radiosity thread, a lot of info there!

yes, if you have two objects using the same material blender will count it twice

join them all before doing the radiosity calc and you shouldn’t have a problem