More OpenCL improvements coming in Blender 2.8

  • Jeroen Bakker starts work at the Blender Institute this week, welcome! He will first focus on Cycles OpenCL optimizations, funded by AMD.

i like the way the industry support blender foundation
blender 2.8 get improvements in all over the place!!


probably not … but never say never …
does this mean maybe making the use of opencl more modal?
maybe the support to opencl 1.2 is extended and include many gpu, at least in order to partially exploit the acceleration of these cards …

ok stop dreaming …

What are these improvements in opencl?

According to this development blog the focus is currently on getting rid of the kernel compile time when you start a render.


And that will be a major step in the right direction. I haven’t noticed, but for how long is he funded for? 1 year?

hi all.
Who checked before and after these updates?
what are the improvements in AMD cards?