More Problems with ATI

I am having a problem with my ATI Radion 9250. I have droped down to the CATALYST 3.9 drivers, but that didn’t work. Whenever I render a scene, just the plain cube, and I close the render window, everything disappears and blender is non responsive. I have serched these boards for answers, but I havent found a solution yet. All help is appriciated.

don’t use the old drivers, they only cause more problems. they are unsupportted and out of date.

It looks like your having more problems with the old driver than the newer ones, so just use those.

Thank you for your input.

The origional drivers are what I started with, and the problem was still occuring. I dont know if it is even a problem with my video card. I am using the latest version of Blender (2.41). Maybe a bug in blender? I am operating on an AMD Athalon XP2000+ 128RAM RADION 9250 w/128RAM and Windows 98 se. again any more help would be appriciated.

Do a search in the forums, Ati cards have a lot of problems with Blender. You may fix it with specifice older drivers.

BTW, it’s Radeon, not Radion. Just in case you want to correct your username… :stuck_out_tongue: