More qustions from a newbie!

Hi everyone!
Ok, first I would like to thank all those who have replyed to my post!
I’m having a blast with blender, but I feel like I just keep asking questions…
But, I must learn so here are a few really important questions I have right now…

  1. Plugins: I recently downloaded the t_brick plugin and tried it out. I played around with it but I don’t ever seem to get a brick patern. How do I fix that? Also, I’m gonna guess there is a good plugin for making cloud-like objects, any way to direct me to where it is and how to use it? Also, I’ve heard (and seen) many things about the blender fiber feature. Where is it located, is it a plugin, and is there anywhere yall can direct me that teaches how to use it?

  2. Python: Umm, feel kinda silly asking this, but what exactly is Python?
    I hear alot, and I know it has to do with plugins, but thats about all I know!
    Any help with website directions and/or tutorials would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Post-Rendering: I’m on a new gateway computer, but it (sadly) does not have adobe photoshop. The only thing that I have that can do any thing like post rendering effects would be microsoft picture it, but sadly that program is not very good at all… So, my question… What program would yall recomend I buy? I’m guessing it will be adobe photoshop, but I just wanted to check before I put down some money… =)

  4. Curves!: Ok, I understand meshes and the like, but where can I get a good tutorial about Bezier and NURBS curves? Any help on that would be appreciated.

  5. Posting Images: Is there any way I can put an image in my post without having a website? Sadly, I know very little about making websites, so i’m trying to find an alternate solution. I want to post some of my first shots in the works in progress section, but I don’t know how.

Ok, thats about it right now!
Thanks in advance for any responses, all the help i’ve gotten here has really improved my understanding of blender. :smiley:


  1. t_brick makes a grayscale pattern, and it won’t look like real brick.

  2. Python is a scripting language that Blender has an interpreter for. Informatoin on that can be found here in the Blender Documentation

  3. The GIMP is a free open source, very powerful image editing tool. It has a lot of the same features that Photoshop has, and a few more. You can do batch processing (which is what it seems that you want to do), but I havn’t done that before.

  4. Here is the section of the Blender Manual that covers it.

  5. You need a web page. There are places that you can get a free one, and they usually have some web-based method of uploading files.

With #3, I am spoiled. I have Photoshop, and I loooooove it. I would definately recommend it if you can afford it.

About question #5, is a very good album site. It is free and you get a lot of space and bandwidth.


#3 The GIMP is free,
#5 also try
no registering needed

Ah, thanks everyone!
Got a membership with, so I should post some images soon!
Thanks for the info about gimp, i’m gonna look into that. hehe, don’t have 600 bucks to drop for the latest versin of photoshop… :wink: