more realism

hey everyone

i’m working on a tropic island project at the moment, which is based on a tutorial I watched some time ago.
This is the current state of the render with compositing. It doesn’t look as realistic as I want it to, but I cant figure out what’s wrong.
Can you help me?

have a nice day

I think you could:

  • give some variation to the vegetation it terms of scale and color.
  • Add atmosferic haze
  • Decrease the dof
  • change the sky

Plus, what ligthing are you using? It looks like you are using just environment light, but I think a sun light could help you.
Then work in compositing adding a touch of glare (but you need highlights for this).

Also the plane looks damaged, maybe you should check your bump.

I hope I gave you some good hint! :slight_smile:

I think it would be better if you modeled the clouds because they look way too big if it is supposed to be realistic. With that said, I actually like the diorama look.

thanks for the feedback!

I really forgot to put a sun inside the scene :wink:

Here’s the improved render with compositing

Which one ?

a little old, but the aircraft is about to hit that mountain peak.

I would also curve the wings of the plane upwards a bit, look at pics of airliners and you’ll see the wings are curved slightly upward in addition to the upward dihedral angle which starts where the wings meets the fuselage.

size of clouds in background picture is off, makes the whole scene look like a toy… also to do with your DoF. you need way more haze.
have motionblur, animate plane and camera nad that will give a sense of speed
variation in tree colour needs to be increased
add variation to the species used
shoul dhave some bushes or scrublandon the closest hill, all i can see is trees over a white rock base texture
wheels of the plane shouldnt be down unless its coming in for a landing

Yeah the DOF is a serious problem. Looks like it was shot with a tilt shift lens. Also, the mountain looks too big compared to the airliner. Perhaps that close mountain shouldn’t be so close, it kind of shifts focus from the plane too much anyways.

It might help to increase the focal length, add some glare, change some sun settings, and choose another angle. It looks cool now too.

The color of the trees really needs some variation. Check out this tutorial from CG Cookie that came out the other day. Its exactly what you should implement.