More realistic mesh hair

So I created a body in makehuman, sent it over to blender and ripped Zelda(From Legend of Zelda) and removed her head and hair and attached it to the body. So I want to know how I can make her hair look more realistic.
Note: Her hair is a mesh.
Thanks in advance!

Here is a couple of examples of different types of hair. I modeled my character in Blender several years ago and decided I wanted better hair. I found a hair method on the MakeHuman site that I liked. Unfortunately, I can’t find any link to it anymore on their site. It looks like this:

I made the following type of hair in Blender by modeling a very simple mesh and uv mapping it. I then created a hair texture in Photoshop to put on the hair. It looks like this:

You may also want to look into Particle hair. I’m not an expert on that though. I hope this was somewhat useful to you.:slight_smile:

This is a very good tutorial on using particles for hair creation - There are some more on the website I think too…

Check this out and also

Sorry for the late reply, just remembered this[URL="/u/L.A

L.A. wow Great models, yep just what I’m looking for. Thanks!

@Phoenix492 This website is offline :confused:

@crazychristina Thanks a lot! Very helpful!

There’s a script that was recently created in Blender that turns the mesh into a hair guide. Check it out the in the scripts thread.

Really? Thanks! I’ll check it out.

I found an older one but this is better. Thanks again! Gotta get to know how to use to make something like an afro