More render goodies from Broken to come in the near future

This just was totally unexpected, but I love the possibilities that come with this.

I congradulate Broken on not stopping work on the renderer after all he’s done for it already. But this will significantly increase the realism for materials with any kind of reflection.

A node input for gloss, I could see this input being used for wet roadways where some areas are under puddles and other areas are just wet with blurry reflection. And textures to control the rotation of anisotropic reflections looks like it’ll help Blender create very advanced materials as well. This after various other features like HDR clamping. The image based lighting looks like it could be very useful in some cases.

And considering he wants to add raytrace nodes to the node system, all I can say is, if they make it into 2.50, another reason 2.50 will blow everyone away:spin:

that’s mad sick! the node system is becoming so powerful, that you really will only be limited by your imagination.

Oh nos. Posts. D-d-developers. Rude!!! That’s what it is.
Head explodes


I know, have you seen the carpaint picture in the Blendernation image, that (the material) looks downright photoreal:eek:

I sense that there is a momentum for implementing Siggraph papers. If the devs keep it up and more devs join Blender, it could very well be that in the future that Blender absorbs all the cutting edge stuff from Siggraph right away.

oh ya

i have to say till today i do not know of any software that can render those circular brushed metal patterns. this is very good.

i am curious about the AO with HDRI.

till day I was not able to get any useful result with blender.
the rendering is always extremely noisy even when I blur the hdri image.

Just watched the videos on VideoLAN player and holy crap, that is some sweet anisotropic effects there, now the Blender renderer can render pretty much any metal object realistically.

This needs to go in SVN as soon as possible.

Mmmm All those new tools !
It almost frightens me ! I am still unaware of a good half of the existing tools in Blender now !
Really 2.50 will be THE release !
Yes the anisotropic effect is brilliant. Nodes are soooooo powerfull…

so how about we stop talking about them and start learnin em! get out there and start pushing buttons.

Have a cold beer and relax, will ya ?
Why being so aggressive ? What is the use your post ? Is it related to the topic at all ?
I was just expressing my satisfaction and admiration at the work being done by Broken and co.
Don’t worry for me: i try to “push buttons” and i learn a bit more everyday : python scripting is on my menu right now… (see signature)

This is simply fantastic,good work broken!