More shader editor features (vertex output, mask nodes)

There is no vertex output on shader editor, so vertex effects can’t be created on the shader editor.
Also Blender would need advanced shader mask nodes, similar in some sort to Substance :slight_smile:

There is a Vertex Color Input node.
And there is Point Density texture only supported by Cycles.

So, that is incorrect to say that no vertex effect can be created.
But that is correct to say that things could be better.

Vertex Painting should be refactored in a near future.
We could expect that will be followed by such improvements.

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But there is no vertex ouput ? Or how od you change a vertex position in the shader editor ?

You can use displacement in Cycles, not in Eevee

This is the issue, no Eevee vertex ouput.

That is a more precised request.

Currently, there is a displace modifier that can be influenced by a texture and used by any render engine.
You can bake any shader effect into a texture and use that texture into modifier.

But that is annoying if you plan to make a procedural animation.

Modifiers should become nodes in future Blender release.
What is planned is to have 2 independent nodetrees.
Existing one modifying shader. And another one modifying geometry.
And inside each nodetree, new nodes should be added to make bridges between nodetrees.

For the moment, you can use an addon like animation nodes that is mixing any kind of nodes inside a unique nodetree.

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Any ideas if is possible to get displacement in EEVEE? Is only one GLSL shader however the real problem is which developer we will have to annoy to add it… :slight_smile: