More Shrooms

Hey All
Just thought i would go ahead and post this

Let me know what you think


Hey I really like that.

I like the lights around the shroom. Gives the whole thing a magical glow. The shroom itself looks cartoony - is that deliberate?
Was just thinking it might look even better with a bit of a bump map or something. My use of terminology is probably a bit off but hopefully you know what I mean.

Neat picture. You might want to kill the blades of grass that go through the mushroom.

Yeah, definately get rid of the blades that go through the mushroom. Other thatn that, I like the mood. Could you maybe add some fog?

hahaha cool!!! yeah get rid of the blade of grass that goes through the top. the rest is great though! maybe you could make a larger, wallpaper verision (1260x960, i think? one size up from 1024x768) or maybe… i’ll even do my own! now i’m finally inspired to make something new…

Cool! Ditto about the grass. Other than that, it looks, well, magical!

It’s magic! :o

Has anyone already said that’s magical?


Hey All
Thanks for the replies
Yeah I’ll have to fix the grass, i didn’t even notice it


Thats what we’re here for!

Explanation for the grass issue: it’s a mushroom ghost :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool image/grass/mushroom/shiny stuff.